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Global Consultants has proudly put together a catalogue with a variety of Android phones and tablets as well as various other electronic equipment for sale that included car DVD players, digital camera, mobile phones and other health and lifestyle products that we are sure you will find useful.

  • 4 Inch Budget Android Phone
    Cheap 4 Inch Android Phone with 1GHz CPU and unlocked dual SIM capability. This no-nonsense phone comes with everything you’d expect from a good phone and none of that extra bloatware.

    Like black sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our life..a nightmare of overpriced vs underspeced phones for us to choose from. Fear not, as now the “Black Sands” Android phone is here giving you an incredibly cheap Android phone choice which comes with all of the usual specifications as well as some extras. To begin with, you’ll have the option to insert a second SIM card and thus manage both number on just a single phone. Thanks to the “Black Sands” 4 Inch screen, you’ll be able to enjoy multimedia on a well sized screen while the phone still easily fits in your pocket. And with a 1GHz processor, you’ll surely have enough processing power to smoothly run basic apps such as Twitter and Facebook.
    NZ$ 149.82
  • Children's Mobile Phone - GPS Tracking, SOS Calls, Voice Monitoring
    GPS Tracker Phone designed to look like a compact mobile phone while featuring SOS calls is ideal for children or the elderly.

    At only one third the size of a normal mobile phone, the tracker phone is also a full featured GPS tracker using the latest SIRF Star III GPS Receiver. This GPS Tracker Phone retains only the essential features of a cell phone, which is to make phone calls when they need it. With only 5 preset phone numbers available including 1 emergency SOS number and no SMS or Internet Surfing capabilities, your kids are less likely to spend hours of their time and expensive phone bills on unnecessary phone calls, excessive text messages or inappropriate web contents. When making an SOS call during an unexpected emergency situation, the tracker phone will also send out a text message containing its location. Real time positioning information can be obtained by sending a SMS message to the tracker phone any time during the day. Set the tracker phone to periodically report
    NZ$ 116.29
  • Gusun GSM Quad Band Senior Citizen Phone - 2 Inch Display, Dual SIM, FM Radio, LED Torch (Black)
    The GUSUN F10 is specially designed with large keys and loud ringtone for people who would normally struggle with phones making this a great phone for visually impaired or more senior users, allowing them to keep in touch with loved ones and giving them the peace of mind that they are just a phone call away should they need anything. It has large easy to see and use buttons which and text that is clearly displayed on the 2 inch screen so dialing numbers is much easier and can be done without having to your eyes or your hands if you suffer from arthritis. The battery gives this phone 15 days of standby power so there is no need to charge it every day.
    It includes an FM radio and extendable antenna so you can enjoy music, the news or weather report when you’re out doing the weekly shop, walking the dog or just enjoying in nice cup of tea with friends. The exceptionally loud speaker is designed to be heard from most places around the house and mean you won’t struggle to hear i
    NZ$ 81.10
  • MANN ZUG S Rugged Phone - 2 Inch  Display, IP67 Waterproof + Dust Proof Rating, Shockproof, 2570mAh
    This operates on 2G network and is suitable for Vodafone or 2 Degree Sim cards. MANN ZUG S Rugged Phone is an extremely macho phone even if it does have a 2 Inch Display because it also has an IP67 Waterproof/Dust Proof Rating as well as being Shockproof and having a large 2570mAh Battery.For those that like it rough and ready, this is the MANN ZUG S rugged phone, which is designed to handle the harshest environments and to still work even when things become extreme. Even a small 2 inch display doesn't make this phone feel inferior because its ultra tough exterior ensures it can handle the heat. There is a keypad for entering so you don’t have to mess about with all these fancy touch screen phones that are flooding the market.

    Having an IP67 waterproof and dust proof rating results in the MANN ZUG S handling all what Mother Nature can throw at it as it has been tested and can survive up to 30 minutes when immersed in water of up to 1 meter in depth. If you spend a lot time on
    NZ$ 129.90
  • Water Resistant Phone
    2 Inch Water Resistant Phone which floats on water, IP54 rating, Bluetooth, Dual SIM and more. This phone operates on 2G/GSM network suitable for vodafone / 2 degree network
    Now in stock is the “Icemobile Hydro”. This compact and light budget phone is equipped with a whole array of features and the most noticeable one is its IP54 water resistant rating. Immune to splashing water, the “Hydro” can be exposed to a limited amount of water and best of all, the “Hydra” floats on the surface of the water. This way, you will be able to easily retrieve your phone from the water when accidentally dropped in. Perfect for those who are often on or around the water, this 2 inch phone is offered for a low budget price.

    All 22 two keys of the “Hydro” are backlit, allowing you to write messages and operate the phone even in complete darkness. In case you need more light, a built-in flashlight can be triggered by pressing the flashlight shortcut button and t
    NZ$ 129.94
  • Xiaocai X6 Phone - 5000mAh Battery, Power Bank Function (Black)2G network
    This phone is good for operation on the Vodafone and 2 Degree network. Xiaocai (pronounced she-oww-tsigh) X6 Phone has been designed with convenient in mind as it has a 5000mAh Battery that can be used as an actual Power Bank to recharge other devices.The Xiaocai X6 is not like other phones. Its thick rubber exterior protects far better than the leading phones. There is a built-in LED flashlight. A 1.77 inch display screen show displays a menu that is full of features, including FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity. A micro SD card expands the existing memory, in case you want to transfer music and movies. This unlocked phone also supports 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz bandwidth frequencies, allowing it to work in most corners of the world.The best part about the Xiaocai X9 phone is the fact that it has an enormous 5000mAh battery, which can be used as a power bank. If you carry another mobile phone or your friend has a phone that is running low on battery power, by connecting the correct
    NZ$ 101.10

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