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Global Consultants has proudly put together a catalogue with a variety of Android phones and tablets as well as various other electronic equipment for sale that included car DVD players, digital camera, mobile phones and other health and lifestyle products that we are sure you will find useful.

  • 2-in-1 Cordless Adjustable Electric Drill and Screwdriver - Set of 45 Drills and Screw Heads, Rechar
    2-in-1 Cordless Adjustable Electric Drill featuring a flashlight, rechargeable 600mAH battery and a 45 piece set that varies from screw, sockets and drills is the ideal multiple purpose portable power tool for any household.This 2-in-1 cordless adjustable electric drill with many features and attachments is a good place to start. Featuring a 45 piece set of various drills, screws and sockets this electric drill is almost guarantee to have an attachment or tool to fit the job. The attachment fixtures are a variety of drills and attachment in different sizes, allowing more ability and opportunities to pierce different sized holes. An interesting part of the electric drill is the ability to twist the handle and make it leave its standard hand-held ‘L’ shape and become completely horizontal making it even more versatile in its movements, therefore can access any hard to reach places. To alter the shape, just push down on the button located at the top of the drill and twist the lo
    NZ$ 86.08
  • Indoor Golf Set - Ball Return System, Zinc Alloy Putter
    Indoor Golf Set with Zinc alloy putter, automatic ball returning putting machine and golf ball.

    Sharpen your putting skills with this indoor golf set featuring a ball return machine. Practice at home, in your office or entertain your guests in a new way. When you putt the golf ball, the machine will automatically return the ball to you and you’ll be ready for your next swing. A handy carrying case is provided so you can easily store and transport this awesome golf set.

    Improve your golfing skills without having to go to the green, who knows you might be the next Tiger Woods
    NZ$ 76.62
  • RC Bulldozer
    1:10 Scale RC Bulldozer with Rechargeable Battery and Charger. Turn the sandbox in a construction pit. The “Scoop” RC Bulldozer is the ultimate RC toys for kids. Scoop up sand from the sandbox and dump it in a truck, drive forwards, backwards and turn 360 degrees on the spot for never ending fun. Bigger than most other RC toys, the “Scoop” is a 1:10 scale model, which comes equipped with fully working lights, engine sound and a motorized shovel. Powered by a 500mAh rechargeable battery pack, the “Scoop” can be used immediately after a first charge and doesn’t require any assembling. Use the included remote to precisely control the “Scoop” bulldozer and clear mole hills in no time. Controls couldn’t be easier and even a child as young as 3 years can control this bulldozer without problems. The “Scoop” has an excellent turning circle as it can rotate around its axis on the spot and both the left and right wheels can be controlle
    NZ$ 216.58
  • RC Quadcopter
    RC Quadcopter with 3 Axis Gyroscope, 100m Range, 4.5 Channel Remote and more. Fly this Quad Copter around the house with ultimate precision. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the “Defender” quadcopter will take over the skies and shoot through the air. Driven by 4 propellers, hence its name quadcopter, the “Defender” can be maneuvered precisely using the included remote control and can perform a whole array of stunts and moments such as flying sideward, backwards and even 360 degree barrel rolls are possible.Using a 2.4GHz wireless connection, a control range of 100 meters can be achieved and thanks to the included battery, a flight time of up to 7 minutes on every charge is possible. Small enough to smoothly fly around in the house, the “Defender” RC drone lifts off vertically and can then be moved in any direction. Two LED lights illuminate the front of the “Defender” and this way, you will always know in which direction the drone is fly
    NZ$ 127.77
  • iHelicopter
    Controlled using your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android Phone, the Apache iHelicopter is the world’s coolest RC helicopter!Even before you start it, just by holding it in your hand you will love it. Meticulously crafted with stainless steel, the skeleton is robust to withstand even heavy falls from 10 meters high. Covered with dark color acrylic, the body is streamlined and beautiful. The Apache iHelicopter is a true thing of beauty, just like the iDevices and Android phones which you use to control it. Flying the Apache iHelicopter is easy and a lot of fun. All you need to do is download the FREE controller App from the App Store or Android Market and plug in the transmitter. The App features a band selection (A/B/C) which makes it possible to have 3 Apache iHelicopters flying in the same area. You can use the app to perform a variety of movement, including left/right rotation, forward/back, hover and land, or even to launch missiles!
    NZ$ 79.42
  • AEE AP9 Quadcopter - 20M Per Second Speeds, GPS Hold, Auto Return, 500M Range, Camera Mount, 5300mAh
    The AEE AP9 has a Camera mount and with Auto return home and intelligent flight control its 4 propellers let your reach speeds of up to 20 meters per second and thanks to a 5300mAh Battery it can be flown for around 25 minutes.
    Being able to fly at 20 meters per second makes the AEE AP9 an exceptionally speedy copter and the 500 meter flight range lets you explore a large area from the skies. An aerodynamic design that has been refined by testing in wind tunnels helps keep the copter more stable and allows for precision control. Being one of the fastest drones in its class, with climb speeds of 6 meters per second and the ability to descend at 4 meters per second you can whirl it around like a fighter jet.
    While in flight the AP9 has high intensity LED lights that will help keep this quad copter visible, however should you lose track of the drone it can be recalled using the auto return to home and land function. Also if you inadvertently fly outside of the transmission range then t
    NZ$ 954.40
  • RC Quad Copter
    RC Quad Copter features 4 Channels as well as using 2.4GHz Frequency to transmit signals and commands between the quad copter and controller for precision and excellent flying.
    Take to the skies with this great RC quad copter that can perform a number of actions some acrobatics. Use this either outdoor or indoor, as the “Sky-Line” features four blades that allow it to lift off vertically and then once in the air it can be moved in many directions. The appearance of the "Sky-Line” is attractive in appearance as it has an oval body with four arms the each house an independent blade; therefore there are four blades altogether to help with the moves and the unique aversion that this RC toy offers.
    Accompanying this RC quad copter is a that requires 3 1.5V AAA batteries to allow it to come to life and can operate within a range of 50 meters, so when you are outside you can get some good air time and still be able to control every movement of the “Sky-Line”. The t
    NZ$ 233.09

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