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Global Consultants has proudly put together a catalogue with a variety of Android phones and tablets as well as various other electronic equipment for sale that included car DVD players, digital camera, mobile phones and other health and lifestyle products that we are sure you will find useful.

  • Dazzne P2 Plus Sports Action Camera - 2K HD, 170 Degree Lens, Wi-Fi, Waterproof Case, 2 Inch TFT Scr
    2K HD Sports Action Camera
    The Dazzne P2 Plus sports camera is your ultimate gadget for getting high quality action footage, whether you are an amateur or a pro. Capable of producing 2K resolution at 30 frames per second and filming 1080p content at 60 frames per second, the cam is sure to catch your wildest adventures in just the quality they deserve. Thanks to the 170 degree wide angle lens, the camera will give you great background views and you will always have all the important details in the shot.
    Thanks to its compact size, cycle recording and anti-shake feature, the cam can also double as a DVR for your car. It’s great to have it ready in case something happens on the road or to record the beautiful scenery around.
    Sharing your footage with the world will also be super easy. Thanks to Wi-Fi support, you will be able to instantly share pictures and videos with friends, family and on social media. You can also preview your footage on the 2 inch TFT display or on the big T
    NZ$ 265.32
  • SJCAM SJ5000X Elite Edition Action Camera - 4K, Gyro Sensor, WDR, 170 Degree Lens, Wi-Fi, Loop Recor
    SJCAM SJ5000X Elite Edition 4K Action Camera
    SJCAM SJ5000X Elite has some outstanding features that bring you superb video capture at 4K resolutions at 24fps. It uses a Sony IMX078 12MP CMOS sensor that has high sensitivity and works well in low light. With a built in Gyro stabilization sensor the SJCAM 5000x Elite brings smoother results and its 170 degree lens will let you fit in all the action and is superb when used for extreme sports.
    If you require faster frame rates, then the interpolated 4K resolution can be changed to 2K at 30fps or FHD 1080p, which the action camera records at 60fps, great for filming fast paced sports. The action cam uses H.264 video compression and with a micro SD card you can enjoy up to 32GB of storage.
    The SJCAM SJ5000X Elite has a compact stylish design and comes with a waterproof case. Meeting the IP68 standards this waterproof case provides protection to depths of 30 meters underwater so documenting your scuba dives or water sports won’t be
    NZ$ 293.23
  • Ultra HD 4K Action Camera
    Get those action shots in the best quality possible with the Ultra HD 4K action camera. If you are a fan of an active lifestyle and exciting adventures, you need a great durable cam by your side to bear witness to all your accomplishments.
    Ultra HD 4K Action Camera + Wrist Remote Control
    With the ultra HD action cam, you will be able to take quick snapshots of your life as well as record detailed footage of your adventures. Your videos will always look great thanks to the 4K resolution. What’s more, with the Sony IMX078 CMOS sensor, the action cam will also give you outstanding picture quality. The wide 170 degree lens is great for getting more of the background into the video or shot and making sure that no important detail goes missing.
    The action camera comes with a protective case, waterproof for up to 50 metres. That means that the gadget is great for going on diving trips and or enjoying all sorts of water sports. In addition to the waterproof case, the camera comes with
    NZ$ 204.78

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