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Global Consultants has proudly put together a catalogue with a variety of Android phones and tablets as well as various other electronic equipment for sale that included car DVD players, digital camera, mobile phones and other health and lifestyle products that we are sure you will find useful.

  • Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget - Flashlight + Stopwatch
    Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget - Flashlight + Stopwatch. New mini-breathalyzer that fits right on your keychain!

    Never again have a doubt about how much alcohol you have had to drink or whether you or your friend is legally OK to drive. This mini breathalyzer has a traffic light readout style system making it super easy use. Simply blow for 5 seconds then wait. A green indicating light and you are good to go; yellow and you may want to wait a while before you go home; while red indicates you should hand your keys to a friend. This is great reference tool for seeing if you have had just a little too much to drink.
    NZ$ 38.69
  • Digital Pocket Scale with LCD Screen (500 by 0.1G)
    Digital pocket scale with LCD screen for you to weight electronics or jewels, calculate calories when you are on a diet, or weight out chemicals in the lab.

    This durable and compact pocket scale comes with easy to use three key operation and has Gram, Carat, Pennyweight, and Ounce four different measurement units. It can be used in a variety of applications with its high accuracy. Furthermore, the small size makes it easy to fit into your pocket or purse, and the sleek weighing tray makes it easy for cleaning.
    NZ$ 43.91
  • Fully Automatic Electric Rice Cooker
    Do you like to go oriental at dinner? Or enjoy creating the dishes of the East to enjoy at dinner? Do you want a kitchen appliance from a world renowned maker, famous for their qaulity? Then this fully electronic rice cooker from SKG called the “SKG EB-FC58-22” is exactly what you need. Built and designed carefully to ensure that when it comes for entertaining and preparing that this kitchen appliance does not let you down. With a large 5 liter volume, you can serve your family and guests without worrying about needing more rice as it can prepare a large amount of rice in efficient time. This “SKG EB-FC58-22” rice cooker also has a non-stick inner container meaning that you will not be scrapping or fighting to get rice that may have become stuck to the inside resulting in an easier serving.

    Once the rice is ready you may want to leave some in the rice cooker until you are ready and of course the “SKG EB-FC58-22” rice is capable of storing the rice and
    NZ$ 305.31
  • Game Hunting Camera With Solar Panel - 1440x1080, PIR Motion Detection, Night Vision, M
    Hunting Game Camera with a solar panel is the next best thing for recording wildlife and nature due to the solar panel constantly being able to recharge the trail cam, 1440x1080 video resolution, 5MP images, powerful 34 IR LED night vision, PIR Motion Detection, MMS message ability for viewing pictures directly on your phone.

    Watch your prey from above and ensure that you are the hunter and not the hunted by shooting them in 1080p High definition videos and pictures with the hunting camera. Designed to be your eyes in the woods, this game hunting camera is able to record 24 hours a day and under any circumstance. The camera automatically switches to 34 IR LEDs night vision for perfect after dark images. What makes this camera the ultimate predator’s eye is that this hunting camera comes equipped with a weatherproof polycrystalline plate solar panel that gives juice if you install rechargeable AA batteries as a power source, therefore keeping the camera alive and well as long a
    NZ$ 337.15
  • Hair Straightener
    Hair Straightener with a 360 Degrees Swivel Power Cord ensures this is comfortable to use hair care tool.

    This Hair Straightener "Povos PR2021I" is another product from POVOS. Hair straightening is a hair styling technique that has been used since 1980, which involves the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined, and sleek appearance.

    There are 6 temperature settings that range from 120 to 220 degrees Celsius; also there is an LED indicator so you know exactly how hot it is. Also there is a protection function that automatically turns the hair straightening iron off after one hour. There is a 360 degrees swivel power cord with hanging loop as well as lockable handle to make this product feel comfortable, convenient and safe.
    NZ$ 76.31
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - LED Light, Cliff Sensors, Large Rechargeable Battery
    Robot Vacuum Cleaner will make a quick job of cleaning your house while you sit back and relax plus it has a LED Light, Cliff Sensors and a Large Rechargeable Battery.

    An automatic cleaner that its duty once you have pressed the button is to start cleaning your house, also it is like a personal maid and you can leave it alone as you get on with your own business. With design and compatibility in mind, this vacuum cleaner has a shape that enables it to clean hard-to-reach places plus there are three different kinds of modes to ensure everywhere is reached and these are random, spiral and along the wall. This robotic vacuum cleaner works quietly to leave you to enjoy a peaceful environment to work or to rest. Featuring built-in cliff avoidance sensors, this vacuum cleaner will prevent itself from taking a tumble and falling down the stairs or off any other high ledges. Wrapped in a soft bumper that strongly protects both the robot cleaner and your furniture in case of contact is a gr
    NZ$ 212.64
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Ultra-Thin Design, Four Cleaning Modes
    Robot Vacuum Cleaner with an Ultra-Thin Design and Four Cleaning Modes gives you an excuse to sack your maid and hire and embrace the robotic era.

    Looking like it has come out of a modern sci-fiction based in the future this ultra-thin designed robot is an automatic vacuum cleaner. There are four modes to choose from, which include Auto, Spot, Edge, Daily that can all be scheduled. Also with a large 0.4 liter dust bin capacity, this vacuum can store all the filth every time it cleans; therefore you just have to empty it when it gets full plus the dustbin can be washed directly with tap water. Each usage time when in operation is around 90 minutes, so you can relax while this little vacuum cleaner does its duty.

    This vacuum has an intelligent suction power adjustment and will ensure no dust or dirt is left behind as it has four side brushes as part of the package. With an accompanying remote control you have the power to manage the vacuum cleaner with having to manually adjust t
    NZ$ 348.97
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - LED Light, Multiple Modes, Cliff Avoidance Sensor (Black)
    Robotic Vacuum Cleaner makes quick work of your messy floor while you do not even have to lift a finger plus it has an LED Light, Multiple Modes and a Cliff Avoidance Sensor.Keep your floors spotless and clean with this robot vacuum that is now available with all the necessary parts such as brushes and cleaning cloths. Simply press the button to have this robotic maid start her routine of cleaning the floor while you can sit back and relax or get on doing other things as the large battery in this vacuum guarantees a continuous working time of about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the floor’s surface. Don’t worry about letting this vacuum clean your floor by itself as it has been created cleverly with a built-in cliff avoidance sensors so if this hoover gets a bit too close to the stairs or to a high end then it won’t take a dive and crash to the bottom and will actually stop and change direction. Helping prevent any damage to furniture is the vacuum cleaner’s soft bum
    NZ$ 268.34
  • Upright and Handheld Steam Mop
    From SKG, makes of some of the best home appliances in the world comes the “SKG KB-2012” 6-in-1 Multi Function Upright and Handheld Steam cleaner with 1500 Watt output, 400ml Water Capacity and more. Cleaning made easy. The “SKG KB-2012” Steam Mop is the ultimate multifunctional tool to give your house a deep clean. Use it in the upright mode to clean and sanitize carpets and hard floors or detach the steam compartment to use it as a handheld steam cleaner to reach smaller areas. Coming with a whole array of accessories such as a straight nozzle, a curved nozzle, a round brush, a window cleaning nozzle and more, the “SKG KB-2012” can help you clean work surfaces, ovens, grills, rugs, allow wheels, and even freshen up upholstery or clothing. Being 1500 Watt powerful, the “SKG KB-2012” has the ability to produce steam in less than 30 seconds, allowing you to get the job done in no time. On top of that, the water tank can hold 400ml of water which i
    NZ$ 318.94
  • 360 Rotary Shaver
    360 Rotary electric Shaver is an ideal way to keep you looking well groomed and clean especially with its Self-Sharpening Technology.
    The Electric Shaver "Povos PQ7300" is a great way to receive a comfortable closer and sharper shave due to its 360 degree complete acute shaving system. Three rotary blades brings a smoother finish once used on the face and also with Self-sharpening technology for the shaving blades, this shaver’s performance will not deteriorate. With a built-in battery that can be easily recharged using the accompanying power adapter and plug (220V only), you can get up to one whole hour of wireless shaving before requiring a re-charge. The “Povos PQT300” is great for taking on holidays as its size makes it more portable friendly.
    NZ$ 91.76
  • Anti-Wrinkle Eye Massager
    Anti-Wrinkle Eye Massager is a mini device that will enhance your beauty and help eliminate wrinkles.
    Bring beauty back to your face with this anti-wrinkle eye massager. Compact in size, this beauty massager is ideal for removing wrinkles in rapid speed. Simply insert one AAA battery into the massager and place firmly on the wrinkles area around your eye and the massager will automatically start massaging your skin with mini vibrations. The size of this massager makes it perfect for carrying.
    NZ$ 73.43
  • Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
    Automatic Vacuum Cleaner with the ability to go charge itself when low on battery power allows for you to put your feet up while it cleans plus it has a 3.5 Inch Screen, Two Brushes as well as a 500 ML Capacity.
    This automatic vacuum cleaner that is known as the “Merraro RF1” is an intelligent way to clean your house or office while you get on doing other things such as working or relaxing. Press the switch, and the “Merraro RF1” vacuum cleaner will automatically clean the room, it does not require you to monitor it as it performs its cleaning duty. With the navigation function you can plan the routes automatically so that this vacuum cleaner will clean each room comprehensively.
    For a good quality clean this vacuum cleaner uses tornado style brush design for with high cleaning efficiency plus in the right side of the fuselage there is a side brush so it can easily clean the corners of the room. The “Merraro RF1” will not damage the floor or carpet of
    NZ$ 539.65
  • Fruit Ice Cream Maker - Use With Various Fruits, Different Flavor Combinations
    This may sound crazy, but here is an ice cream maker so make some ice cream maybe. The device is rather unique and is something between a blender and an ice cream maker. The main part of the body is comprised of a chute that contains a rotating blade. There’s also a plunger that’s used to push the fruit through the chute and after use sits and rests in the chute. To use, just simply plug it in and turn the switch to on, then insert frozen fruit. To give you an idea you should peel over-ripe bananas and freeze for 24 hours then when ready to use insert the frozen bananas into the chute and push the banana down using the plunger. The unit instantly churns the ingredients to produce a treat with the texture of frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream. This ice cream maker also accepts berries, sliced mango, or cantaloupe along with frozen banana to create a silky-smooth confection.
    The result is a creamy, delicious blend of fruit that tastes very similar to frozen yogurt or sorbe
    NZ$ 192.25
  • Hair Dryer
    Hair Dryer designed with a convenient folding handle has produces a mega 2000W and requires 200V power to blow your hair to perfection.
    Portable but powerful, this is the latest hair dryer from Povos that is known as the “Povos PH8803”. With 2000W, no matter how wet your gets this hair dryer will blow it dry and with the accompanied nozzles you can style it to suit you. With different heat settings, the “Povos PH8803” dries your hair without damaging it and giving it a smooth shiny look. The folding handle makes the “Povos PH8803” more portable than it is already; therefore it is reduced by almost half its full length making it ideal to carry in a bag when traveling.
    NZ$ 167.85
  • Rechargeable Electric Shaver for Men Dual Blade, Trimmer, Washable
    Rechargeable Electric Shaver for Men with Dual Blade Technology, pop-up trimmer, and wet/dry use.

    Experience a one-of-a-kind comfortable face shave thanks to the electric shaver. Using dual blade technology and an independent flexing foil, a close and complete shave is guaranteed time after time. Adjusting perfectly to the curved surfaces, your chin, neck and jaw line, the razor stays ultra sharp even after long time use. Designed to be quick, easy and comfortable, the shaver can be cleaned with water or dry and even features a pop-up trimmer, allowing you to groom sideburns and facial hair with great detail.
    NZ$ 91.28
  • Travel Hair Dryer
    Compact Travel Hair Dryer with a 1000W Power Output. Both silent and powerful, this hair dryer is your perfect travel companion.
    Are you looking for a compact but powerful hair dryer which will take optimal care of your hair? Then the “Povos PG1801” will definitely suit your needs. With two heat settings, the “Povos” gently dries your hair without damaging it and giving it a smooth shiny look. Ultra silent, the “Povos” is a true delight to use early in the morning, both at home or while traveling.
    NZ$ 77.60
  • Travel Hair Dryer
    Portable Hair Dryer that 1200W power outlet and works with countries that use 220V, making this ideal for travelling
    Dry your hair with this easy to carry hair dryer that is known as the "Povos PH2503". Made to work with countries that support 220V power and producing 12000W, this hair dryer will blow and help you style your hair making you ready for anything. It also has a foldable handle to make it even more convenient to carry and also it has a constant temperature of 57 degrees Celsius to ensure your hair is nice and dry.
    Travel in style with this portable hair dryer
    NZ$ 89.95

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